Since 2006, I have published 60+ articles in local (southern Arizona USA) publications on photography, travel, conservation, and other topics. Most were written under the heading of my regular column "The Borderlands Photographer" and a few were not. Below is a list of a few examples (with pictures, of course). There are clickable links to PDF files; feel free to click, read, and enjoy them.


Article 1 "Fruit of the Valley". Topic: growing and selling chili peppers in southern Arizona (link)

Article 2 "Building Bridges". Topic: humanitarian work on the Arizona-Mexico border (link)

Article 3 "Friends of our Heritage". Topic: one of a series of articles depicting non-profit groups supporting public lands (link)

Article 4 "Patagonia Mountains Emergency Remediation". Topic: government environmental repair of mining pollution in Patagonia Mountains (link)

Article 5 "The Other Missions". Topic: Spanish colonial missions outside of Arizona (link)


Note: These sample articles were all published in Tubac Villager