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Color: Black and White

Subject: Desert

Subject: Ocean

Subject: Horses

Geography: Arizona

Geography: California

Geography: New York

Style: Abstract

Sets: Urban Angles


Welcome to the hub of my web! This site contains virtually all of my work.

Feel free to call me at 520-241-1280.


Art prints purchased from this shop are produced by me personally with extravagant, foolish, loving care! I use a thorough soft- and hard-proofing process and I print on the finest art papers and then carefully apply preservation coating. Therefore, properly cared for, my art prints have an indefinite lifespan. The very largest print orders are produced by an expert photo lab with my guidance.

This shop enjoys constant improvement with new content and products. Come back often!


Frequently asked questions:

Q1: Do you do framing? A: Yes, using my signature solution exclusively. Ask me about pricing.

Q2: Do you do ready-to-hang canvas-wraps? A: Yes, with selected images. Ask me about pricing.

Q3: Do you license images? A: Yes, selected images.